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Nate Maloley Imagine.
Warning : Sexual Content. listen to “stay high - habits remix / tove lo”, or don’t it doesn’t matter. OKAY SO I DONT WRITE SMUT LIKE EVER so this will probably suck.

Another drunken night, another stupid decision. Another new club, another group of dumbass douches. You don’t know why you keep doing this to yourself. It’s been at least 7 weeks but every time you close my eyes you can still feel his lips pressed against my neck, his hands grabbing onto me like if he were to let go you’d dissapear. You miss days like that, now You’re just floating around trying to find someone to fulfill my desire and lust.

You felt your veins burn as the alcohol surged through you giving you a boost of confidence. The beat to some trap song filled the club of sweaty horny guys and thirsty slutty girls, right now you wouldn’t look any different.

“Want to dance?” A voice asked beside you, you didn’t bother looking just simply nodding.

You unemotionally walked into the crowd of people with mystery guy following pursuit. You danced slowly to the beat and before you knew it you were both grinding on each other.

His hands roughly rubbed my body up and down, his lips found his was to my neck kissing and sucking every inch, soft moans leaving my lips, and as soon as it started

It stopped.

The guy was now laying on the ground clutching his stomach. He was there staring down at him eyes blazed with hatred.

“What the fuck, why would you fucking touch her like that?!” he yelled, but barely being heard over the blaring music.

“Dude chill, it’s not like she wasn’t enjoying it.” The guy spat out. “And besides the little slut didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend.”

In an instant he was hovering over the guy on the floor throwing punches left in right.

“Nate stop!” You cried out trying to drag him away as more people noticed the scene unfolding in front of you.

You grabbed onto his shoulder and whispered into his ear like you’ve down multiple times to calm him down. “I’m fine, let’s just go.”

The next thing you know you’re sitting in the passengers side of his car watching his jaw clench and unclench in pure silence. The car came to a slow stop in the middle of nowhere.

“Why?” He whispered out not keeping his eyes straight ahead.

“I had to forget about you.”you started, “you told me to move on and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

“By fucking with other guys.” He retorted finally looking at you.

“Isn’t that what you did?” You asked, your vision blurring. “Fucking girls, i mean. During our relationship.”


“No Nate, I’m not going to be lied to again. We both know it happened, and it sucks. But eventually I’m going to get over it no matter how much I miss y-” your words were cut of by his lips slamming against yours.

“I miss you too.” He said against your lips wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer. Your fingers tangled in his hair loving the familiar feeling.

He pulled you over the console so your were straddling his lap. His lips making their way down your neck stopping to suck at your collar bones, some weird thing that Nate always did that you never got around to questioning.

His fingers tugged at the zipper of your strapless dress as you rolled your hips into his.

But just then a police car drove up… jk not really, message me if you want me to finish this.

sorry for taking so long to post this I’ve been on tumblrs daily post limit for the last 7 hours


nate maloley imagine; 1

You sat in your room, flipping aimlessly through the channels. The light from the television illuminated your face as you began dozing off. It was the middle of the night, and you were up waiting around for your boyfriend, Nate. He hadn’t called you or texted you back for hours, but he was supposed to be at your house earlier that afternoon to watch movies with you. You yawn and blink a few times, a weak attempt at trying to stay awake. 

You knew exactly what Nate was doing: he was with his friends. That’s always what he’s doing whenever he blows you off. You look at your phone again, hoping to see a text from Nate even though you knew one wouldn’t be there. You rolled your eyes as the screen went black with no new messages. Sighing, you accepted the fact that Nate wasn’t coming over and pulled yourself up off your bed, flipping the light switch on. You stripped yourself of your jeans, letting them pool around your feet as you tossed your top into the hamper.

You pulled an over-sized t-shirt over your head and picked up the jeans, tossing them in the hamper along with your shirt. You ran your fingers through your hair as you sat down on the edge of your bed. You weren’t really paying attention to the rerun of That 70’s Show when you heard the sound of a muffled bass near your house. Scrunching your eyebrows together, you turned the volume all the way down and walked to your window, pulling down one of the blinds so that you could see outside.

A black SUV was stopped in the middle of the road in front of your house, blaring it’s music. You squinted in confusion, but huffed when a figure hopped out of the car, said what you assumed to be “goodbye” to whoever was inside, and started towards your window. You knew it was Nate, he always went straight for your window whenever he came over late to avoid waking anyone up. You watched as the vehicle pulled away. Stepping back from the window, you waited for the tap on the window to open the blinds. 

Nate was already removing the screen, popping it out of place and sitting it beside the window. He looked at you through the window, waiting for you to open it. Giving him one last annoyed look, you opened the window so that he could crawl inside. “Hey, baby.” Nate greeted you with a light kiss on the lips. He reeked of the smell of weed. 

"You’re high." You said flatly, crossing your arms as you sat back down on the edge of your bed. "You blew me off to go get high with your friends… again." You didn’t mind that Nate smoked, but it did bother you that he would pick a bong over you. And this wasn’t the first time either; just a couple of weeks ago, Nate promised to take you to dinner, but instead he left you waiting around in your new outfit because Sammy called him at the last minute and invited him over. Your sad eyes met his bloodshot eyes, and went back to your hands where you were fiddling with your fingers.

"Baby, I’m sorry. The boys came over and picked me up and I just lost track of t—" You cut Nate’s apology short. 

"I’m tired of hearing you say sorry, Nate. I want to be able to count on you whenever we make plans." You grew more aggravated at the number of times he’s blown you off, but you took a deep breath. 

Nate stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked at you, a slight smirk on his face. “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” 

You groaned in frustration. “You can’t even take me seriously right now, really?” You look at Nate for a second, and he just looks back at your with that supid, little smug grin. You want to smack it off of him. “Whatever, Nathan, I’m going to bed. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” you say as you flip the light switch to the off position and climb into bed, pulling the covers over your bare legs. Nate knew that whenever you call him ‘Nathan’, you’re pissed off.

"Aw, c’mon, (y/n)." Nate chuckled a little as he tried to stop you from shutting him out. "I was just playing, baby."

He pulled the covers back and you just turned your back to him, laying your head on your pillow and closing your eyes. “Goodnight, Nathan.” You said, hoping he would get the message, but of course, he didn’t. You heard him kick off his shoes, and you sighed as he crawled next to you, wrapping his arms around you. 

You decided not to fight him and just laid there. The television screen illuminated the room, but was still muted. You slowly began drifting to sleep when you felt Nate’s cool hand tracing patterns on your thigh. His soft lips connected with the back of your neck. The caring gestures soothed you for a moment, but when his hand found it’s way underneath your t-shirt, you knew exactly where this was headed. “Nathan,” your voice stern, “I am not in the mood.” You shrugged away so that his lips weren’t on your neck anymore. 

But one thing you hated about Nate was that he was persistent. His lips found your neck once again and he began leaving small, wet kisses there. He began tracing small patterns on your stomach, around your navel. You ignored the gesture until you found that his hand was slowly traveling down, down until they brushed against the hem of your panties. “I’m serious, stop.” You snapped, turning so that you were facing Nate. 

He ignored you as his fingers slid beneath your panties, quickly finding your clit. Your breath caught in your throat, but you maintained eye contact with him, showing him that he didn’t affect you. But as Nate’s fingers worked slow and skillfully, your breath became labored. “Nate,” your voice cracked when you said his name, but you quickly recovered. “Stop, my parents are sleeping.” You warned Nate as he moved down in between your legs.

"I guess we’ll have to be quiet then, won’t we?" You can’t help but be intrigued by sex while your parents are just a couple doors down. You and Nate had always been careful about where you had sex, so this was something new, something a little daring.

You shuddered as Nate pulled your panties down your legs, tossing them in the floor. He pulled your legs over his shoulders and looked up at you. “Be quiet, baby girl,” he warned in his raspy voice.

"I’m still mad at you," you told him before his tongue flicked over your clit. You grabbed a handful of the sheets in your hand and bit the inside of your cheek. Nate smirks up at you before running his tongue up your heat, causing you to arch your back. A quiet moan escapes your pink lips as you struggle to find something to hold onto. Nate grabs your hands and you hold on tight. Your hips buckle as you feel Nate’s tongue inside of you, his nose brushing against your clit. 

You feel the intensity building up when Nate seperates himself from you. You shoot up quickly from the loss of contact and see him pulling his pants off and hurriedly tossing his shirt to the side. Nate crawls back onto the bed between your legs, his boxers the only thing between you two. You grab his face with your small hands, bringing your lips together. He kisses you hungrily, biting your bottom lip and lightly pulling it between his teeth. He found the hem of your t-shirt and pulled it off of you, momentarily pulling you two apart. Nate’s lips found your’s again as he struggled to unclasp your bra. Finally unclasping your bra, he yanked it off, discarding it with the rest of your clothes. 

"Remember, you have to be quiet baby." Nate placed another kiss on your lips, slower this time. His rough hand grabbed one breast and he flicked his thumb across your nipple. You whimpered as the raw contact and reached your hand down to palm Nate through his boxers. He groaned into the kiss, causing you to smirk. "That’s enough of that," he manages to get out as he rips his boxers off.

You bite your lip as your watch Nate stroke his member with one hand, rubbing your clit with the other. You stare up at Nate timidly as he rubs his tip against your opening, teasing you. “C’mon, Nate,” you beg, needing to feel him inside of you. He looked down at you smugly, knowing what he was doing to you. 

Groaning, you pulled Nate down to you, attaching your lips instantly, but before he could realize what you were doing, you flipped both of you over. You were now on top of Nate, you had control now. Before he could object, you grabbed his hardening member and slid down onto him. Nate groaned, throwing his head back against the pillow. “Shit, (y/n).” Grabbing onto Nate’s shoulders for balance, you start to ride him. You threw your head back as Nate’s fingers dug into your hips. Nate muttered profanities, along with your name and it just turned you on more. The only sound that could be heard was your heavy breathing and the sound of your skin slapping his. “Shit, Nate,” you moaned out as his hips lifted to meet yours.

"Fuck, baby girl, you are so hot." Nate stares up at you with admiration as you stop. You start grinding your hips against his, whimpering at the amazing feeling of your clit rubbing against his bare skin. 

Nate quickly flipped you both over, removing himself long enough to adjust himself at your entrance. “Nate, please.” Your quiet voice begs. 

"Please, what?" You could just imagine the smirk on Nate’s face. You threw your head back against the pillow. 

"Fuck me, Nate. Please, I want you." That seemed to do it for Nate. He placed his hands on either side of your head and you grabbed onto his biceps as he slammed into you. A string of profanities left your mouth and Nate quickly reminded you to be quiet. Biting your lip, you slid your hands up Nate’s arms and around his neck, grabbing handfuls of his hair. His pace quickened and your breath became more labored. Your lips found Nate’s earlobe and kissed it lightly before moaning his name. 

Nate groaned at the sound of your voice moaning his name. He reached down and pressed his thumb to your clit, nearly pushing you over the edge. “I’m going to come,” you manage out as Nate relentlessly slams into you. 

"Not yet," he teases, rubbing small circles against your clit. 

"That’s not fair," you whined, trying to push down the ball of ecstasy that was begging to escape. "Nate, please." You try again, moaning quietly into his ear. Nate buries his head into the crook of your neck, biting lightly as he groans. You tug on his hair again. 

"Come for me baby," his raspy voice demands and instantly, your body is squirming as his thrusts become slow and sloppy. Moans wrack your body and you quickly bite your lip when you realize that one was a bit loud. Your legs shake as Nate comes to his orgasm, groaning into your shoulder. 

You both laid there like that for a few minutes, your heavy breaths filling the room. “That was fucking hot,” Nate finally said, rolling off of you and pulling your body flush to his and planting a small kiss on the back of your neck. 

You sighed at his soft lips on your skin. “Are you still mad at me?” Nate asked. You couldn’t help but crack a small smile when you felt Nate chuckle softly. 

"Shut up and go to bed."


Protect what you love (Nate imagine)

"babe you looking great lets go!" nate getting up from the bed and grabbing my waist, I was in front of the mirror passing my lipgloss "ok ok i’m ready" I said grabing my bad and holding his hand as he walk to the car. We wore going to one of the jack and jack party’s. Nate parked the car and we could already  "besafe babe"nate said in my ear kissing mu neck I just smile at him, sometimes is really protective but i have to admite, i party a little to hard somethimes…


We already had something to drink and I was having funny I was dancing whit nate and some of our frinds “i’m gona get another drink” I said to nate he hold my hand “Babe…” i did my baby face and He roll his eyes smiling and i go the bar, I ask my drink and i feel Hands over my hips, “babe we should go home” I roll my eyes “but i’m having fun Nate” “babe i just tring to take care of you” he said turning me to him “but nate I’m Ok” “no you are not, let’s go” he said holding my hand and pulling me into the croud leading me tothe car. Seryosly he was being bored!. We get in the car, he turn the radio on but i turn it off, he look at me but I look way to the window I heard him breathing and I just ignore it, he start driving.


"you gonna be mad?" he said as we walk in his home and I just walk fast to the room. "(Y/N)!" he said following me to the stairs I walk in the bathroom closing the door, I wash my face, and take a quick shower changing in some of nate’s shirt, and walk back in the rrom "what?" I said to Nate that was staring at me "why are you acting like that!" "because you take aut of the party, can’t i have fun?" he breathed trying to calm herself, "(Y/N) i was tring to…" I cut him off "yeh yeh Nate protecting me i now!" I was starting to get mad, he is the kinda of bad boy, we meet at a party, He’s party, and I can’t have fun? "(Y/N) calm down…" he could notice i was getting mad and he get up from the bed "are you the only one that can  have fun nate?" he stay shut "latelly you wouldn’t let me have any fun go to partys whit my friends, dring, smoke, you are acting like you my dad, I’m not 5 eyear nate!" I was almost screaming "BEACASE I CARE ABOUT YOU" he scream and it scared me, I look at him and i could feel the water in my eyes, he look at me and he look scared to "Im sorry (Y/N)" he hug me really tight and I start crying in  his cheast "i’m so sorry , please don’t cry" he whisper rubbing my hair. We stay some minutes like this, "Maybe you right" it scard me the way he speak and I look at him "maybe it was roung we start dating" he look so sad and I feel so bad to say those words he was justtring to protect me. "no" I said but my voice almost didn’t get out "No sam,please… i need you" I said the last part almost whispering looking down at my feet, "I need you to" his hands hold my cheek and make me face him, he softly clean my tears and kiss my cheeks "I love you princess" e said before give me a sweet kiss.

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