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Black Widow - Jenna Rose ,Taylor Caniff & Sam Wilkinson The Jam Tour

I’m sorry… But no. Just no..

I don’t know if I wanna watch this… I’m already laughing

I skipped to the chorus. Why does she sing? I’m serious, she isn’t good at all. I watched her sing fancy and nearly died.

I’m not trying to be rude but she’d be a lot better if she didn’t like crack her voice at the end of every damn note

Or if she just didn’t sing at all.. Not tryin to be a bitch but honestly..

I couldn’t listen to more than the first verse…does she not know what she sounds like? props to her for getting up and singing in front of everybody tho

People must be lying to her. I totally agree, I wouldn’t be able to do it, but she shouldn’t be doing it.

ihatemyyusername asked:

Can you do a smut jack g imagine where he's your driving instructor and things get dirty in the car? Thankyou :)



ihatemyyusername sorry this took so long :-)

Pacing your eyes around the room, you sat nervously waiting for your driving instructor. You were told he wouldn’t be too long but it was already far past your appointment time.
Examining your nails in frustration, you were interrupted by a raspy voice.
“Ms (Y/L/N)?” He said.
You looked up at the tall guy standing in front of you through your eyelashes.
“Ye- yeaah, that’s me.” You stuttered as you looked up at his handsome chiseled face.
“Right. Sorry I’m late, I’m Jack Gilinsky, I’ll be your driving instructor.” He introduced himself with a cheesy smile.
You scanned up and down his body, looking at his attire. He wore black jeans and a white short sleeved button up shirt. He came off a little casual but he pulled it off well.
You shot up off your seat and followed him outside.
It didn’t take you long before you realised how attractive Jack was.
As you walked to the car, you cursed under your breath, hoping that you wouldn’t embarrass yourself.

You slid into the car and made yourself comfortable as Jack checked around the exterior and interior of the car, making sure everything was good to go.
“Alright, you’re good to go.” Jack said looking at you, licking his lips.

You were off to a good start and felt confident in yourself.
“You’re doing good (Y/N).” Jack praised. You felt his eyes gaze up and down your tan legs that your skirt barely covered.
You slowed down the car in order to switch lanes. As you bit your lip in concentration, you turned your head slightly towards Jack’s side, watching for incoming traffic. Jack’s brown lustful eyes met yours. You realised you must’ve been looking too long because Jack broke the silence and said

” Keep your eyes on the road, gorgeous.” Licking his lips, he chuckled to himself. Slightly embarrassed, you smiled and turned your full attention back onto the road. It was hard to concentrate with such an intimidating guy sitting beside you.

You approached a red light gently and waited for your turn. Keeping your gaze directly in front of you, you were suddenly interrupted by a large hand belonging to Jack lightly touch your inner thigh. You gasped at his touch as it sent shivers down your body, forming obvious goosebumps on your skin. Not taking your focus away, you continued driving when the green light appeared. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, you placed your other hand over Jack’s and forcefully moved it further under your skirt. Jack let out a quiet moan and cooperated with your actions. You moved his hand dangerously close to your area before parking the car on the side of the road. Looking at him directly in the eyes, you removed his hand and brought it up to your mouth. You curled his fingers into his palm except for his index finger, which you brushed against your lips. Parting your lips slightly, you entered his finger into your mouth and began sucking.

”Fuck..” Jack whispered. Sucking up and down his finger, you could sense Jack’s irregular breathing pattern and growing boner. Pulling his finger out, you asked in an innocent tone

”So, did I pass, Mr Gilinsky?”

I’ve got a questions 🙋 why did you stop? That was amazing. 😍

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